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Irish Fiddle Lessons Sydney

Master the Fiddle and Embrace Your Inner Irish Musician!

  • 30 minutes
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  • Academy of Musikcraft & Mastery

Service Description

Did you know that the enchanting sounds of the violin and the foot-tapping, heartwarming melodies of the fiddle spring from the same instrument? The choice between these two names boils down to the style of music you choose to embrace. Whether you're a spirited folk enthusiast leaning towards "fiddle" or a sophisticated classical maestro favouring "violin," we've got the perfect musical journey for you. Are you ready to embark on a musical adventure and learn the captivating art of fiddling? Our expertly crafted lessons cater to a diverse audience, from complete novices, taking their first steps into the world of music, to seasoned violinists yearning to master the intricate nuances of Irish fiddle playing. We also extend a warm welcome to experienced Irish fiddle players seeking to elevate their foundational technique. Together, we'll explore the art of holding the violin and bow for optimal performance in every key. You'll delve into essential techniques like vibrato and shifting, ensuring no tune remains beyond your grasp. Our comprehensive lessons cover everything from instrument setup and proper posture to the fine art of reading music, with a strong focus on immersing yourself in the rich genre through active listening. You'll master the intricacies of correct bowing patterns, embellishments, rhythmic finesse, and the art of musical phrasing. But that's not all – you'll journey through a diverse repertoire of tune types, including jigs, reels, polkas, slides, hornpipes, airs, and many more. And the best part? Our lessons are available online, making it easy for you to learn from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. Ready to take the first step towards becoming an Irish fiddling virtuoso? Contact us now to arrange a trial lesson, and you'll be wowing the crowds at lively Irish pub sessions before you can even say "déanaimis é seo!" Join us in unlocking the magic of the fiddle and setting your musical passion ablaze!

Contact Details

  • Hampden Road, Artarmon NSW, Australia


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